BEMKA Cable can organize its processes in accordance with the needs of its customers and accelerate its production without sacrificing quality at the required point.


The quality of BEMKA Cable, as can be seen by looking at the production results, can also be understood through the companies it has been providing services to for many years and the certificates it has.


BEMKA Cable manufactures in accordance with the environmental policies it has established in order to make a positive contribution to shaping the future for our country and the world.



In general terms, the level of suitability of a product for the purpose it serves determines its quality. Therefore, every point affects the quality from raw materials to production processes in direct proportion to the area where the product is used.

Achieving the targeted quality should not be accidental, it should be standardized depending on certain requirements. This standardization always results in the same quality product. The guarantee for this is the certificates issued by the relevant institutions. Having these certificates indicates the competencies and competencies of the manufacturer, the mastery of the subject and processes. It is a certificate of competence in a sense that the production results can always be produced with the same quality by the company holding the certificate.


Sustainability, which can be expressed as making the life of humanity permanent while ensuring the continuity of production and diversity, in other words; is our ability to meet our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

As BEMKA Cable, we support the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, use our resources efficiently in accordance with "Responsible Consumption and Production", aim for maximum recycling, adopt and implement a continuous improvement policy to increase efficiency in our production.