Our Human Resources Policy

We protect the present and plan the future with all our employees without compromising our values that make us BEMKA.

Our human resources policy is based on the view that "the development of the individual is the development of the team, the vision of the team is the vision of the company.”
The purpose and functioning of our human resources policy can be summarized as follows:

  • To ensure that our "open door policy" is maintained in all units of our company, including the management team,
  • To include our employees in our business processes with the understanding of "transparent, equal and participatory management",
  • To integrate a customer-oriented approach into all our staff, enabling each employee to produce development-oriented projects and create added value,
  • Not compromising our sensitivity, especially our quality policies, standards and OHS policies,
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating training programs for all positions from the bottom to the top by putting education at the center of development,
  • Following innovations and ensuring their healthy adaptation to our company and maintaining the innovation process,
  • Focusing on filling open positions primarily from within the team,
  • To maintain the policy of the right person for the right job, the right job for the right person at every level,
  • To continuously improve our organizational structure so that we can quickly adapt to changes and development,
  • Adopting solution-oriented approaches and maximizing problem-solving skills in all staff,
  • To design, establish, develop and ensure the functionality of the infrastructure necessary to become a continuous learning institution,
  • To evaluate opportunities for joint work with universities, vocational schools, institutions and organizations (including non-governmental organizations),
  • To encourage participation by adopting the social responsibility approach both corporately and individually,
    To engage in ideas and practices that will strengthen our nature-friendly employee profile